A trip for a feeling

26 Jan A trip for a feeling

There are countries with a huge personality and it is imposible not to relate them to a feeling. India is known as a peaceful place, NY as the art centre of the United Status or Tokio is known as the most cosmo Asian city.

We recommend you to follow our trip though the feelings in order to find your perfect destination for this moment.

Nepal, a place to meditate: there are few places as mystical as Nepal. From the first explorers that arrived to this land and felt in love with Katmandu and Everest to nowadays, the feelings are almost the same. Travelling to Nepal means to find many places to see and enjoy. The Pushupatinaht or Swayambhunath Temples are unique if you are looking for meditation and silence.

Sydney, the wild entrance: it is one of the most beautiful places in Australia to visit. The Sydney Bay, the Opera or the Taronga Zoo, are just some of the places you need to include in your plans once here. Of course; there are many alternatives to get into the wildlife from here. The Great Reef is also waiting for you to discover it.

Buenos aires and the tango sounds: this type of trip is perfect for those who want to explore a night / day tourism in a city. The Argentinean capital is an international destination that welcomes many nationalities, being this part of its character. There are many monuments to discover but also is the place to enjoy tango, dancing and hearing the notes that will make your feet move and love.

Bhutan, a place to get lost: this country can only be visited if you go through a travel agency, the one that will help you with the visas and will let you enter their borders. Travelling to Bhutan is discovering monasteries like Takshang, Puna, Rinpung Dzong, the National Park of MAnas, the National Museum of many other interesting places really unknown for the general tourist.